The staple of the Seoul paths are along the picturest Han River. There are paths alongside both sides of the Han river and comes up to more than 100km or paved bicycle pathways that are light up at night. 

Many activities await you along the Han river...this is how to experience Seoul and its people!


Offroad bike paths are bountiful too.


Around Seoul

There are so many bicycle paths...not just adjacent to the amazing Han River. We will add a more detail route and maps soon. But you can bike all around the greater Seoul area and find amazing things to relax outside of the busy city.



Seoul To busan

This is a staple in which many cyclers want to is the cool one that gives you cred...but not necessarily the best of the bike trips around Korea. But it does give you an amazing experience and view of the inner country vistas. 

You can easily start from the airport and take a subway train 3 stops the beginning of the path at the Ara Bicycle Lock. Get a four rivers stamp booklet as a cool keepsake. The bike path is around 633km in distance. 



Korean East Coast Trail (KECTrail)

This is one of our favorite bike trips....follow along the amazing Korean East Coast trails with a variety of different seaside settings. East amazing food, party, relax...whatever your fancy. The bike path has recently been completed from the top of the peninsular to Pohang, near Busan)

Around 400 kilometers (*site not updated yet on specific amount of km)

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Jeju Bicycle Trail

Jeju is an island located to the south of Korea's Peninsula. It was formed by a volcano and is considered Korea's Hawaii ^^. The coastline offers many nice beaches, attractions and great places to eat. 

The bike path brings you around the circumference of the island and it is around 242 kilometers of paved bicycle paths (not all dedicated bicycle paths, some shared with vehicle roadways)

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Around the Country

There are paved bike trails and non paved trails all around the country. We will update more info soon.