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New Tire Day!

It is new Tire day and who doesn't like a fresh set of rubber for your sweet ride....

Got some new tires for to put on my Trek 520 disc touring bike.  My old tires were the stock tires that came with the bike and I put well over 5,000 km on them. And to my surprise, I only got 2 flats...and both of them were because of a screw or a nail. So I have been very lucky in that department.. but tire choice makes a big difference...So how to choose a tire..that is the question. 


but tire choice makes a big difference...So how to choose a tire..that is the question. 

I was originally riding some 700c...32 width tires, but I bought some  Schwalbe Durano Plus (28 width) for a few reasons.

1. They were on sale

2. Schwalbe makes some awesome tires with reflective sidewalls (will look great in night pics)

3. The 28 width will be a bit faster and lighter than the marathon plus and they will still last a very very long time. (but if I was doing a continuous long ass world tour, I would 100% get the marathon plus for sure)

So what does tire width mean....

Well here are a few guidelines to help you along. 

The thinner = more speed ( yes...tire tread pattern and weight of tire will also have an impact on speed..but lets keep it simple).


The wider the tire, the more load it can handle and it will be more comfortable.

thinner = faster....wider = more comfort

thinner = faster....wider = more comfort

Hope this short introduction to tire width is helpful and comment below what else you'd like to learn.

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