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Cold sunrise..fresh air

When it's cold and windy...means we get some cleaner air!....good time to dress warm and enjoy a nice sunrise! 해돋이 or 일출 is sunrise in korean.

It was a cold morning and windy at -13C...but the air is fresh... So decided to be less lazy...and went out for a 640am bicycle ride to see the sunrise. 

The wind...niptastic...i went out at 640am to catch the sunrise... Was a nice sunrise...but my bike punished me for sleeping outside. My front brake froze and so did my front shifter. It made the climbs harder and descents more interesting; especially with some little hard snow crust and ice.

Did i pee on my bike you ask? Well yes i did. That golden shower gave it some temporary rotatory satisfaction...but it was only temporary, although worth it to start the steeper descent in relative safety...

Have a great Tuesday...the weekend isn't far away


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