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Free subway...but it sucks because it means the air has been so shitty these past few days

We said it...the air quality blows...the PM 2.5 (which is the smallest micro particles that screws you up) have been dangerously high these past few days.

As a effort to help in some way, the metro system in Seoul, Korea's biggest city, is having free subway rides for commuters today....but only during peak hours. Which to me blows since during peak rush hour times...the system is already taxed as it is. Not sure if you have ever taken the Seoul subway during rush hours...but you are literally a sardine in a box...pushed..squished...degraded. I can see why people are so pissed off in big cities...the busy commute is a good reason to screw up your start to your day with negative energy and F up your whole chi.


The metro was free the other day too...and some news outlets reported that it doesn't seem to be too effective since they only saw a 2% increase in normal commuter usage. I think it would be nice if free times were offered in a bigger window...not just for the small peak rush hour window. I took the subway at 9am and I had to pay...which is fine...but sucks that I don't get a benefit because I am heading to work later than the massive unfortunate horde of unhappy subwaytastic commuters. 


Do you think these free rides will you think this is something that would make you leave your car at home?

What about better cycling infrastructure which can lead to safer cycling and wellbeing....

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