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Full body Workout Of the Day from our Friends at Seoul WOD

It is no secret...staying fit is good for your health, your body, your mind. And when you are strong off the are strong on the bike. It is a symbiotic fit.

Here is a great simple and intense wod for you today!

★ We made a short video showing you how to do it. Get out there, do it, work hard and comment below if you did it! ★ 

Workout list:

This is a superset no breaks in between anything...just good ol suffering ^^

If this is your first time, feel free to do 3 rounds...but we do 5 rounds

1 round equals to:

- 10 burpees with chin up
- 50 lunges (25 per leg) 
- 10 knee tuck jumps
- 10 diamond pushups
- 10 triceps dips
- 20 abs fingers to toe cross (10 per side) 
- 10 cross knee to elbow tucks
- 10 leg raises
- 10 side to side ab raises

Do it 4 more times ^^