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Flats happen....

Always be ready with an extra bike tube and a patch kit....

That is right...flats happen no matter how well prepared or well you think you are riding. Don't piss off your friends by not having an extra bike tube and a patch kit. Don't depend on your friends to have extra gear for you. We always ride with an extra tube and a patch and patch kit.


Why do you need both?...good Combo because....


1 --  an extra tube is quicker to change tire...your friends have to wait less...and also depending on weather, you might want to be quick about fixing the flat

2 -- You might get more than one flat...or your patches fail 

3 -- A friend might have been stupid and not brought an extra tube or patch you can help them out


Why do flats happen?


That is a question we could talk in long detail about...but to keep it simple

1. improper tire pressure

2. hitting something hard 

3. rolling over something sharp

4. etc


We will have some more posts on how to change tires...types of lingo for tire flats...and which patches are better etc.


Share with us your flat tricks and stories by commenting below and also by using our hashtag #seoulcycle

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