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Yummy yook-kal

Korean food can be amazing...especially with such a combo


If you are into spicy food this is a great combo not to miss. This is one of our favorite places to eat this type of delicious Korean food. 


Meet the yook-Kal (육칼)...

yea yea yea...i know...some people say yuk...but I am writing stress on the long ouuu sound

Yook-Kal is 2 dishes and served as one dish for your pallet to enjoy and to mix together...

1 --- Yook-ggae Jang....spicy korean soup with beef and veggies

2 --- Kal-gook-su....which are fat yummy noodles


Basically you take the noodles from one bowl and put them into the other bowl and enjoy. Don't forget to enjoy the side dishes too that come with the is a good yummy time.


This is one of the best places to eat this Korean Dish...



A -- I don't know where you will be coming from...but you can make your own way to Samgakgi station (line 6 and 4) in is quite easy to get there from the Han River...big straight road from the river to this spot.

B -- Go straight from exit 8 until you reach the elevator (*** I think it is safer this way instead of riding your bike in the traffic over the bridge...but it is up to you..AND then you have to go the lights...and cross the street and double heavy traffic...that is not fun at all***)

C -- Cross the bridge and it is on your left as soon as you get out of the elevator

this is what the outside of the restaurant looks like

this is what the outside of the restaurant looks like


Have you tried it yet? if so, share with us your experience and 

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