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Today Casual ride with the xc hardtail today. Stopped to listen to ice making noises while drinking coffee... And then humped the bike up an icy small mountain road to ride it down hard. Was fun with changing terrain...some spikeys on the tires would have helped...only fell once.

Will have to go back with the gopros and a few am riders for some more fun

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Healthy eating - Chickpea, walnut and banana bread

You know eating healthy is easy...but we for some reason make it hard on ourselves. Eating well is the corner stone of any good body, both mentally and physically. It is fuel it well.


We have lots of dried chickpeas...and wondered what to do with it all. Cooking it takes a while and it tastes really bland. I decided to throw some in my high power blender, and blend the crap out of got turned into high quality chickpea flour...


  • * did you know that chickpea if a good source of protein, high quality fiber with many minerals/vitamins *


So now that we have this high quality, nutritious flower...we got to work making stuff from pancakes to what we are talking about today...yummy banana bread to add to our breakfast (add honey, or maple syrup, egg, fruits, yogurt, morning oats...whatever you fancy....


We didn't follow an exact recipe for each amount...but here is ingredient list and amounts we kind of went by: 
- around 2 cups of chickpea flour (made my own with blender and dried chickpeas)
- 1/2 cup of walnuts (crushed it up a bit with blender)
- 3 mashed bananas
- 2 eggs (can do  vegan substitute for eggs) 
- 1/3 cup of honey
- 1tsp of baking powder
- cinnamon powder
- 2 table spoons of melted coconut oil
- Also added a bit of brown sugar (melted with coconut oil)

Mix together...put in greased muffin pan and bake until cooked...voila. Easy protein, high fiber with minerals/vitamins add on with your breakfast

Let us know if you tried it and how much you liked it. Keep healthy, keep rolling and keep your body/mind happy.


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