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often nice people...

All types of people are all around, but most of time, if you are nice and respectful, people will return that to you and great times will be had!

Mike, from Zero Cycles, and I went on a little moutain bike adventure to enjoy the little bit of snow sound crunching under our tires. It ended up being a nice clear day and it was awesome!

When we ride, we are always nice to hikers and respectful...we need to share and we can all continue to have a safe and fun day.

1.I have a jingle bell on my bike to let others hear me...when I pass I say excuse me in korean and I also let them know how many riders are behind me.

2. Sometimes you might need to just accept it...stop and let the hikers pass on by sense getting anyone hurt

3. always have a smile and say thank you...and/or have a great day/hike

That keeps everyone happy and safe

On this particular day, we were pretty lucky. We met so many groups of nice Korean people who invited us for some beverages and food (knowing a little korean can go a long way in these situations),

What a great day and I am always grateful to meet awesome fun people....

and yes...always drink responsibly and never ride intoxicated! You are an adult...know your limits!

Share with us your amazing moments meeting nice people while out on the trail..and always ride safe!


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