Spring is here and it's time to dust off your bike and get your stead ready for the paths. Here is a quick reminder by Ewan MacDonald on a few general maintenance points (we love his makeshift bike stand/hanger he's got going on in his veranda!)

- Gently wash your bike and make sure not to use a pressure hose (that will get water in all the wrong places). Use a soft sponge and soap to gently rub your bike clean and rinse again.

- Check you tires for wear and tear. This will show you if there are any possible problem spots. Also check tire pressure and add some air if needed (the psi rating is written on the side of tire; if you over inflate, the tire will pop...proper air pressure is an important thing to keep in mind).

- Check your break pads and clean if needed (if lots of wear, good idea to change them). Adjust them properly on the wheel afterwards to get proper contact for breaking

- Lube your chain (important to lube the middle of the links and not the whole chain). If you lube all of it too much, it will only attract extra dirt and grim. The middle of the links if sufficient and wipe with an old rag the excess lube. Cycle through your gears to make sure everything runs smooth.

- Adjust your gears for smooth shifting action and your basic maintenance is over.

Hope you enjoyed our simple spring maintenance guide and ride safely. It's important to check your bike from time to time to avoid problems and unessary wear/tear. 

As the weather gets warmer, the paths will get more crowded. Remember to slow down in certain areas and avoid accidents. 


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