For this week's Cyclers of Seoul, we met up with Ken for our weekly Monday QnA.

Q: Where are you from and how long have you been in Seoul?

A: My family & I hail from the land called Malaysia. We landed in Incheon International Airport on 26th May 2016, stayed for 2 days and headed south to Busan on 28th May 2016.
Q: What bicycle do you ride? (brand, model, style)

- A: I ride a Raleigh Lerun which I bought in 1993 when I needed some wheels to get from my home to my office. (Couldn't afford a car at that time)
Q: What is the best thing about Seoul?

A: Seoul is a happening city. The subway system is easy to use and goes to all corners of the city. The city has a mix of the old and the new next to each other.
Q: Where is the best place to ride?
A: There are so many places that I rode along the 4Rivers trail that can qualify as "best place to ride". I would say the stretch from Banghwa Bridge to Yanghwa Bridge is very pleasant to ride on.
Q: Anything else you would like to share? 
A: South Korea is great for cycling. Fellow cyclists are friendly and very helpful. The scenery is beautiful and plenty of amenities available for cyclists.

If you are interested, I am presently documenting my recent Seoul to Busan trip on " https://rcgang.wordpress.com/my…/south-korea-seoul-to-busan/ ". (It is still work in progress)
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