Custom titanium unique as the rider on it. 

Building frames since 2004 - Road, touring, CX, XC and All-Mountain MTB.  


Zero Cycles have been around since the early 2000 and have a great track record building and riding their builds. They product test all the time and pass their bikes through hardship to find faults and how to make their builds even better. 

Mike, the owner of Zero Cycles, is a straightforward guy who loves bikes and doesn't screw around. If  there is a problem, they have a zero compromise and the bike gets hassles...The zero has a deep meaning for him. Bike companies should not make it a hassle and a headache to build, love and get great customer service. He works with you from conception, to build and through the life of your bike = great customer service. 

Keep an eye out for our QnA with Mike about his titanium frames and the process of building a custom titanium bicycle.

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